Monday, 10 May 2010


(this is not autobiographical, i just wrote it.)

you can hear everyone rushing around as fast as the blood rushing in your head. up and down up and down. but are you really enjoying this? you just learnt his name and learnt nothing else but the feel of his hands across your skin make you feel loved - just for a brief second - but then it's gone. you want and wish to feel some sort of feeling again, whether it's intense pain or excruciating happiness, it's there. but no, the dull ache consumes you as he finishes and then so do you. you're finished. as you lay in the bath you soak up the feeling that things will be alright for you, one day. but today is not that day. maybe tomorrow. let's make better mistakes tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

this is so autobiographical.

Alex March said...

i did just say it wasn't.