Sunday, 14 June 2009

On a lighter note...

I've had the most incredible weekend. I've spent some time with someone who I thought I'd lost, spent a lot of time with someone I know I won't lose, and faced my fear of crowds and lifts and tubes and Waterloo Station all at once.

I just found this, a letter that was once written to me and I forgot how much I miss this girl! Vow for the summer: FIX MY WRITING (see post below) & FIX MY RELATIONSHIP WITH HER (see writing below).

"I know sometimes I don’t always show how much you mean to me or make out I care as much as i should,one of my many faults but you truly are my hero. You have been through so much and still manage to help me out when I need you and when I can’t think, you think for me. You make decisions for me when I’m not thinking straight and pull me out of the sand I sometimes get my head stuck in. I know you need me right now, and I’m going to be there for you as much as I can. I know i won’t be much help in the sense of making you learn to love yourself but ill try, because your beautiful and its a shame you cant see that."

If she reads this she will realise I fixed her spelling mistakes, I'M SORRY I COULDN'T HELP IT! I miss you terribly.


I have been looking through my old writing recently, and after leafing through every pointless stanza I've realised something; I do not have one single ounce of desire to be creative unless I am uncontrollably unhappy.

For example:
"so you're sat inside this empty house
and it's becoming almost as empty as you
who would've thought it would come to this
a reality tv show stuck on repeat.

we're just two broken records,
skipping over the best parts

all systems are not go
and you're shutting yourself down
blank faces, blank words and blank clothes
all becoming a permenant fixture
since when had your life become nothing but a machine?
who would've thought
that you're stuck on repeat
stuck on repeat
on repeat

First of all, this problem is one I'm most definately going to fix.
Second of all, I never want to be unhappy again if all that comes of it are pitiful peices of writing such as the one above. That is all.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

I'm going all intellectual on y'all...

This generation is a pile of balls, according to the last generation. All we do is wear hoodies, stab people, eat mcdonalds then scare old people just for funsies. Now that, frankly IS a pile of balls! My gosh everyone rants on about stereotypcial views and prejudice is such a bad thing when really all they do to our generation is exactly that! To be fair I am a judgemental tit, I (quite rightly) abuse anyone who has their whole wardrobe kitted out in Jack Wills or Abercrombie and Fitch simply because I don't like the cult that has derived from it. So I'm definately not a good example yet I'm not bothered about it really. I just saw this secret and thought "You stupid old git, get over it." If they really are worried about how our generation is going why don't they get off their arse and do something about it?! We can either sit here worrying about what we're doing to the world or make an effort.

Life is simply here to be lived.
"What's the point in living if there is no life in it?"