Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas.

I'm undecided about this one. Yes I'm a scruge get over it, I just don't like being alone.

Pour me another glass of Christmas - I'm nowhere near satisfied yet. The ever growing necessity to be a child again isn't quite dampened yet. The innocence and niavety aren't gone. You haven't taken me, yet.

Let me feel the burn as I let you blur my vision. Fill my glass up to the brim.
Never let me become empty.

Then I'll smile, whisper a sweet thank you accompained by a cheeky wink and wish you a merry Christmas. I raise my glass to you.
"Christmas is a lonely time," I say "but I'm sure it'll be a happy one in my case." Winking again, I take a gulp - has it taken me yet? I shake my head and mutter to myself,
"After all, my glass will always be half full. I'll never become empty."

Sunday, 14 December 2008


kcab kool t'nod


Sorry I've wrote practically nothing lately, I've been completely blank. Paris in a week, I'll be writing a lot of stuff when I get back; I'm taking my little Paris XVI notebook with me!
I wrote this with my best friends in mind, just after I realised how similar they were to me. I'm sorry for being so self-involved lately, I vow to be a better friend then what you've been used to over the past year. That's a promise!

And so she cried. For the all of insults once thrown at her, for old friendships she'd personally sabotaged and future relationships she know she'd ruin. She cried for the slow realisation that she was destined to be one of the many few who would not obtain her 'happy ever after'.
But most of all, she cried for you.