Friday, 27 August 2010




People moan about how shit their lives are a hell of a lot, don't they? Like, when you're chatting to someone you either are hearing about their 'emotional baggage' or about how awful their lives are at that particular moment because the toast burnt that morning and it started raining at the bus stop. It honestly bores the shit out of me. I want to have a conversation with someone about something that's entirely ridiculous, or captivating, or just plain bullshit. I don't know. I'm waiting for someone to show me that they're worth me changing for, I guess.

P.S srsly stop wearing so much topshop you look like kate gash and that's never a good thing

Thursday, 26 August 2010


So I've deleted tumblr and decided to come crawling back to blogger - tumblr was over crowded and full of people that simply bored me. So it's back to writing meaningless and uneducated rants and hoping that somebody, somewhere, agrees with what I say.

I've just been on holiday to Deia, and it was absolutely incredible. I've been having a lot of these moments recently, where I'm just estatically happy with the people I'm with the and the places I am and I compare it back to the dull days of Winchester and have realised that I cannot wait to get out.

But this proposes a problem; just exactly how am I meant to get out? This is where actually doing my college work comes in, stopping smoking, one night out a week, THE LOT. I've finally sorted out my priorities - and hopefully this way I won't be such a royal fuck up within the social aspect of my life. Fingers crossed, eh?

So if you're one of the few that don't hate me at this point of my life, hello and welcome to me. I'm off to go pee and various other things, I may have a bath but that's pushing it. I still have the spanish and aeroplane smell on me. Beautiful. By the way when I travel the world Deia is going to be my first stop, come with me?