Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas.

I'm undecided about this one. Yes I'm a scruge get over it, I just don't like being alone.

Pour me another glass of Christmas - I'm nowhere near satisfied yet. The ever growing necessity to be a child again isn't quite dampened yet. The innocence and niavety aren't gone. You haven't taken me, yet.

Let me feel the burn as I let you blur my vision. Fill my glass up to the brim.
Never let me become empty.

Then I'll smile, whisper a sweet thank you accompained by a cheeky wink and wish you a merry Christmas. I raise my glass to you.
"Christmas is a lonely time," I say "but I'm sure it'll be a happy one in my case." Winking again, I take a gulp - has it taken me yet? I shake my head and mutter to myself,
"After all, my glass will always be half full. I'll never become empty."

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Anonymous said...

This is so sad :(