Monday, 17 May 2010

Film me.

I have fallen in love. With a film, that is. But it's the closest I'll ever get to love so I'll take it. So I've decided to make a blog recommending my top five favourite films, and I would like you (whoever you are) to watch them because they've completely changed my life as ridiculous as that sounds. Basically, if I have experiences that are even close to the ones in these films then my life would be entirely worth it. You will be able to find them all on .Okay, so here it goes.

1. Dead Poets Society:
A film about and english teacher entirely inspiring his students, and possibly one of the greatest films Robin Williams has ever done. It made me want to study English for the rest of my life basically.

2. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly:
One of the most beautiful films I have ever watched. Period.

3. Unmade Beds:
A story about two people living in the same house but only meeting once. It made me fall in love with love again.

4. Good Will Hunting:
Most of you will have already seen this, but it's so incredibly sad but so amazing at the same time. Again another fantastic performance by Robin Williams. Why aren't we related?!

5. History Boys:
I'm going to let the trailer speak for itself.


Anonymous said...

Im intrigued by you, what is it you're looking for?

Alex March said...

haha oh god i wish i knew.

Anonymous said...

fair enough haha, a pretty vague question to ask. It's just you seem like someone that deserves to be loved by some amazing guy, yet you talk about not believing in love etc. Whats wrong?

Alex March said...

i guess the times i've thought i was close to love all it did was throw everything back in my face. it's mainly bitterness consuming any positive thoughts i may have. and i'm sure there's an amazing guy out there, but i think he'll not only find it difficult to love me, i probably will never find him either. it's a nice thing to say though, so thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

I guess I can sort of relate to that sort of thing and Ive found that sometimes its when you least expect it that you find someone great...