Saturday, 15 May 2010

It's a Saturday. And I'm grounded folks, GET IN! Funnily enough I'm quite happy to be grounded, it gives me and excuse to sit in my bed all day festering in my own dirt and also possibly an incentive to do revision. I have got to watch six films over by Wednesday, with a General Exam stuck in there somewhere. Oh jesus christ when did I start getting so old? I can't be old, this is terrifying. Me, alex march, actually making decisions for herself and trying to make a living? I mean, what the fuck? I need to put my brain in a microwave or something to make it work properly, or I'm seriously going to be in this exact same position in ten years trying to make some money off of my incredible wit. Or not.

Anyway, lets make this post worth your reading time. Actually let's not, I want to go have a cigarette. I apologize that you're being replaced by nicotine but what you gonna do. Here's a song:

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