Monday, 24 May 2010

care less.

i am posting this on my blog as i would like unbaised opinions and i need to know if i'm just being a git here. i apologize for the public enormity of this in advance, but it's late and my brain is at it's busiest.

kay if say i'm worried about someone, but they're totally not in a place to see that they're potentially fucking up big time. and it's not really my place to say anything now, how do i tell them that they're going somewhere i really don't want them to go? without them getting defensive, running away from the issue and disliking me for bringing it up, especially when i've pushed away help from them before.

but it's not really serious the issue

but it could turn that way

and i really don't agree with what they're doing at all, and they could end up losing me, and a hell of a lot of others if they carry on, and im not in a position to say anything because i've done the same things, so it just sounds entirely hypocritical.

what. do. i. do?


woodsy said...

just tell them straight, honesty is the best policy cherub

Alex March said...

look at you at your 19 years of age being all wise and what not. did you get ma birthday text? also, just had a good old read of liberate the illiterate, you were too hipster too early x

woodsy said...

i didn't get the text i have a new number 07538642012. i don't feel any wiser, i'm 19, i'm practically dead right?

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't do anything, you know how people react.