Friday, 23 April 2010


none of you read this so here's a rant. i literally feel sick with pain. and it fucking frustrates me that people think that i'm in the wrong yet don't have the nerve to say it to my face. yes, i understand if you think what i'm doing is wrong but forgive me if i'm just trying to be myself. i cannot please everyone. so if any of you have any smarter ideas, please, throw them my way because i'm obviously fucking up big time if you all feel it's okay to talk about me so much behind my back.

i am so angry, so embarrassed, so guilty and so fucking lonely. i thought i'd be making myself happier by taking that action when all it has done is rip my fucking life apart.

this will be deleted in due course but i have no one to talk to about this who genuinely cares, so i'm blogging it.


Anonymous said...

i love you blog you seem a really nice person so i wouldn't listen to haters. They obviously feel good about making you feel like this. Do you have any advice on making blogs cause yours is awesome, want to do one for myself?

Anonymous said...

Alex, you just have to give him/them time. They will still like you the same, their just doing the classic 'protect the wounded' shit that they always do when one of the boys is upset.

Alex March said...

first anonymous person, thank you very much. and advice on doing a blog? find pretty pictures and shout about pointless things that annoy you and things that you do. honestly that's all i do and it's getting me somewhere - but make sure when you make it link me to it please?

and second anonymous, i realise this now. things got better and i overreacted, but thanks for making me see a little more sense.

Anonymous said...

Whats a good name for a blog, and sure i will link it too you?

Anonymous said...

.. thats if i ever get round to making one, or more importantly finding out how too?