Thursday, 25 March 2010

this doesn't warrant a title

You know they say you should write when you feel you're at the height of your emotions? Yeah, well...I WANT TO SMASH YOUR FUGLY HEAD IN WITH A BAT. What right do you think you have to speak about me in such a way? I guess karma had a little to do with it but you have never been nice to me so I do not care what I say about you. I have been perfectly fake to your face therefore you have no reason to act like such a child about things. Oh and also, just because I have to give up some of my controlling behaviour does that mean you have to take on that role? Stop thinking you have the upper hand, you will never get the upper hand when it comes to our relationship so stop kidding yourself that it will. I AM SO ANNOYED AT WAY TOO MANY THINGS. Oh yeah and you - let me fucking breathe would you? I'm suffocating here. You couldn't give two shits about anything to do with me so I don't think you're even worth mentioning. And the person who lies to me constantly? Tell me what to do because I'm really at a loss as to whether I can keep you close or not. You guys, I know you talk about me constantly behind my back and you know I couldn't care less about it, so go ahead and do it to my face. Then at least you know it'll cause some damage. And you. Oh god, you. Thank you for leaving me like this. One less burden for you to fucking hold. FUCK. YOU.


dazed said...

this is a lot of anger.
you should... beat the shit out of something .... or smash some old plates!!

People are fake and they do lie but fuck it you are an INDEPENDENT WOMAN AND THERE AINT NO MOUNTING HIGH ENOUGH!

Alex March said...

thank you babe, that means a lot. i think i have small man syndrome, i'm just angry all the time. i will fill you in tomorrow my daaaaaaaaaaaaarl, LAV UZ xoxoxox

Lucy Rose said...

Will have to get you a stress ball for your Bday but in the mean time, I agree with Hattie, smash some plates!!
oh and remind me not to get on the wrong side of you :)