Friday, 19 March 2010

A disgarded draft I wish I'd never written.

i used to fear you'll be the only one who will never truely find yourself, you'll shatter into no more than a few peices and never find any of them again. you will have so many faces you will forget which one i liked the most. i tried to save you once and twice and thrice and never. soon you won't be able to fill my sentences anymore. i can't see you under all that make up. i can't see you anymore. i can't like you. you are so broken to everyone . you're so dead.

i now fear i will never be able to erase you, or the fact i couldn't save you from my memory.

i hate you for this.

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BM said...

hello, i once left a comment on a post of yours shortly before you started your new blog, then i posted on your formspring saying i understood this blog better and now you're using this again. it made my day to see you'd started posting here again. i hope you are ok. i will keep reading both blogs of yours and don't intend to judge you like everyone else, so, anyways thank you :) x