Wednesday, 16 June 2010



Anonymous said...

Hey again, just thought Id see whats up? Judging via your posts, you dont seem particularly happy. An aching heart maybe? The question is though, should I ask you what I really want to? Id hoped that maybe Id bump into you somewhere by some chance, have an opportunity to sweep you off your feet. Unfortunately that hasnt been the case. Maybe fate's way of saying it's a no go. Well, some would tell me to take it as a sign but you've intrigued me to the point that im going to say "fuck fate!" and take a chance. We share many friends in common it appears and though ive never actually met you, a part of me wishes to put myself on the line and reveal myself. Should I or would I in doing so find myself at more of a loss than I ready am?

"Mr Anon" x x

Alex March said...

are we friends on facebook? if not, add me. i would very much like to know who you are. seeing as your probably the only person who reads my blog, and your comments are always the highlight of my day.