Sunday, 13 June 2010


yes, it seems like i am having a new beginning ever hour these days, but this time it is for real. i am entirely happy, in myself. i don't know where i am going and this is one of the first times i've been okay with that fact, not having a plan i think is going to be good for me. i've realised a few things the past couple of months.

1. i've realised that no one is really original with their own thoughts or feelings, every one is just human and following some form of trend or something of the sort. so it's time for me to stop building people up into people they are not - it only destroys the friendships i make.

2. i have realised i am taking things way too seriously, and investing too much into things that normally wouldn't take a second thought. i still want to care about things obviously, but sometimes it is good caring a little less.

3. i am all too aware of peoples faults as well as my own. time to start focusing on the positive aspects of life. like tea, or weekends like this.

4. i've been neglecting the friends that are the ones who are going to be there when it comes down to it. i am sorry for that, as of now i am going to be making more effort. i just needed to sort out my head before i let you guys have a look in.

5. i need to start applying myself, if i want to get anywhere only i can make that happen - it's time to start networking and understanding that i can actually do things. ye of little faith.

this time next year i hope to be getting far with everything, have good grades and good attendance, solid friendships and feel as happy as i do now. the start of A2 = the new beginning we've all been craving.

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