Sunday, 22 March 2009

Jade Goody.

This post is to all those pretentious twats who think they give two shits about that fat, racist cow. Do you REALLY care that this woman died of cancer, when there are plenty of other nice and lovely people who've had worse and more gruelling cases of cancer, and also died? I'm not saying she deserved it as I wouldn't wish it on anyone but at least these other people didn't have the nerve to milk their disease for all it's worth.

Why in gods name would you EVER want to lose your dignity like that? Yes she may of already got naked in front of the whole nation, and been a racist twat in front of the whole nation - but having no dignity in death?! Are you sure she didn't get a brain tumour that knocked out her fucking common sense?

Everyone who feels an apparently 'strong' amount of empathy for her, take a look in the fucking mirror and realise you're faking it because you want to look like a good person. You don't care about her, you've never met her and as of today you never will. How about caring about something else closer to home, sweet cheeks?

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