Sunday, 21 November 2010

it's alright, i didn't need to breathe anyway. your sheer ignorance and immature mind has forced me to feel like i'm liking something that shouldn't even exist. you have hurt me and you don't know anything about me fuck i don't even know anything about you. do i even care about you? i dont think i do. i think i just want to be loved so badly i will jump at the chance for any form of affection but i can't help but feel used; i feel as dirty as your head. i don't feel like a person anymore hell i don't think i even classify as one. you're right i am a robot except i do have feelings and you tore them to fucking shreds without even realizing. am i a monster? am i something out of a novel? have i been torn and ripped apart? am i that worthless? what is left of me now? bones and a mess of red hair. bones. i don't even think i have a heart left. i don't even understand how i'm still breathing. it's alright, i didn't need to breathe anyway.

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dazed said...

you have a big heart, I know that for a fact. Don't ever write such ridiculous things about yourself again you are worth more than that